Monday, 7 September 2009

Seahorse Pic

I think this may be a Short Snouted Seahorse that is found in British waters - I am waiting for comfirmation. For more info on seahorses - visit

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Seahorses on the strandline

Well, if it's not Portuguese man of war it's seahorses! What an amazing Summer of discoveries. Today I was working with the British Trust of Conservation Volunteers. I was running a workshop on marine litter and we were looking on the strandline for mermaids tears / plastic pellets (I'll explain in a later blog) when I discovered a small dried seahorse. Seahorses keep their shape amazingly when they die due to their bony plates. Sadly, these dried seahorses are sold in curios shops - I would ask that you do not buy these as there is a high chance they weren't found on a strandline! So not only pipefish in the pools but seahorses too...strange to discover one today after having written about them only days before on this blog! It's hard to say where it came from - it could have been washed ashore from some distance or closer to home - how exciting it would be to find a local patch!

What will get washed up next?!