Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dates for Summer Rockpooling Sessions!

Please find below dates for SUMMER 2011 season of Rockpool Rambles and Interidal Foraging Trips with Maya Plass (as seen on Springwatch / Autumnwatch and more soon - see for short films). Other dates may be available so please contact if you have any additional requests.
Cost - £10/ person for 2 hour session - all equipment provided. Please ensure booking to ensure spaces - 10 children max per group. Over 8 year olds can be left unaccompanied - full insurance, risk assessments & CRB checks.

Date                                    Time                 Session     
Thursday 28/07/11         10-12am    Rockpool Ramble
Friday 29/07/11              11-1pm      Rockpool Ramble
Saturday 30/07/11        12-2pm      Rockpool Ramble            

Monday 01/08/2011        1-3pm        Rockpool Ramble
Tuesday 02/08/2011       2-4pm        Rockpool Ramble
Wed 03/08/2011              3-5pm       Rockpool Ramble
Thu 04/08/11                    3-5pm        Rockpool Ramble
Fri 05/08/2011                 4-6pm        Intertidal Foraging        
Sat 13/08/2011               12-2pm     Rockpool Ramble              

Mon 15/08/2011             1.30-3.30pm     Rockpool Ramble
Tue 16/08/2011              2-4pm                Rockpool Ramble
Wed 17/08/2011            2.30-4.30pm     Rockpool Ramble
Thu 18/08/2011              3-5pm                Intertidal Foraging        
Sat 27/08/2011              11-1pm             Rockpool Ramble            

Mon 29/08/2011           12.30-2.30pm     Rockpool Ramble
Tue 30/08/2011              1-3pm                Rockpool Ramble
Wed 31/08/2011             2-4pm                Intertidal Foraging        
Thu 01/09/2011              13.30-3.30         Rockpool Ramble
Fri 02/09/2011                   3-5pm             Rockpool Ramble
Sat 03/09/2011                4-6pm              Rockpool Ramble

For more information on Maya’s work go to and and to book a space call on 07811 349966 or email 

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